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~I Cross My Heart~

Hello traveler and Page builder...

These pages are full of donated banners,

graghics, buttons, and backgrounds!

The artist themselves set this up for the public

in a protest to net thieves that plague us all...

We decided to kill em with kindness

and give them some of our talents willingly

instead of trying to win a losing battle...

We hope you enjoy what we have to offer

and feel free to come back as many times as you like...

This page will be updated

as often as an artist sends his work to us...

if you would like to donate some

feel free to join in the fun...

we will list ur URL and page title

so you will get the credit you deserve...

we will check out the item and varify it is your design

b4 we add it so cheaters be wary...

We will also have a Jail House here

that will contain names of sites

that have proven themselves to be theives

of graphics so others

will be made aware of their existance...

Not just the right clicker...

But someone who has been made aware

and ignored the creators requests!

On each page for your convienence

you will find this button

Feel free to take it...

If you use a graphic from here

we would appreciate a link back,

so others can have the same chance!

Send info to

Pure Country


Sioux City Ranch

Nuff soap boxin..on with the show